Swedish Music Landscape is a photobook about indie pop music in Sweden.

All texts are in English (the French version features a translation booklet.)


Closed size: 22 × 22 cm.

144 pages offset on 150g paper with paperboard cover.

Sweden and its 9 millions inhabitants, is at the third ranking of music exportation right after U.S. and U.K.

Sounds like a good reason to go and meet these musicians, those who appears as front(wo)men on an international view, but also those unknown who are just emerging.

The Music Landscapes project is to asked them to share places that inspires them in their music, in their life. Whatever if it is landscapes, streets, rooms, neighbourhoods... trying to find a link between their environnement and their music.

In few words, Sweden shared by its musicians.


Swedish Music Landscape is the first of a series of books made by the french photographer Julien Bourgeois about indie pop music in the world.

all pictures © julien bourgeois - for all inquiries : contact@musiclandscapes.com or julien@jbourgeois.com